The TSS102-F model is a compact and functional tabletop semi-automatic machine with a customized contour cutter. It meets the requirements of those seeking a fast and efficient solution. The machine produces sealed trays with a perfect aesthetic finish, making it ideal for supermarket shelves. The gas flushing option helps maintain product freshness.

Here are the key specifications of the TSS102-F:

  • Dimensions/Weight: 295 mm x 450 mm x 555 mm / 25 kg
  • Max Tray Dimensions: 235 mm x 180 mm x 135 mm
  • Max Reel Width and Diameter: L= 210 mm – Ø 200 mm
  • Power Supply: Electric
  • Tray Loading and Movement: Manual + Electric
  • Mold: Fixed with contour cutter
  • Mold Change: No
  • Customizable Mold: Yes
  • Automatic Film Unwinding: Yes
  • Acoustic Device for Cycle End: Yes
  • Cycles per Minute: 3-8
  • Partial and Total Cycle Counter: Yes
  • Customizable Digital Sealing Programs: 9
  • Voltage – Consumption: 220 V – 750 W

The TSS102-F features advanced functionalities for efficient and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it a suitable choice for small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets.

To see the machine in action, you can watch this video:


  1. Meat: Packaging of all types of meat.
  2. Fish: Preservation and packaging of products from the fishing industry.
  3. Vegetables: Packaging of fresh and cooked vegetables.
  4. Fruits: Sealing for dried and fresh fruits.
  5. Cheese: Sealing of fresh, aged, and creamy cheeses.
  6. Catering: Packaging of products related to the ready-to-eat food sector.
  7. Gastronomy: Sealing of ready-to-eat dishes
  8. Pasta: Packaging of fresh, filled, dried, and pre-cooked pasta.
  9. Other: Packaging of different product types.
  10. Liquids: Sealing for dense or liquid foods.

Each application sector has specific packaging requirements, and the TSS102-F can adapt to different needs with its versatility and customizable mold.

In conclusion, the TSS102-F is a tabletop semi-automatic electric heat sealer with a contour cutter. It offers efficient packaging solutions for various sectors. Its compact size, functionality, and customizable options make it a valuable asset for small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets.