Filling out of all types of pastes into any casing or container.
Hydraulic functioning in continuous filling or at will.
Adjustable outlet speed from 0 to 6.200 Kg. per hour.
Adjustable vacuum from 0 to 95%.
Hopper of 270 litres.

Supplied equipment:
-4 stainless steel funnels for chose.
-1 set of tools.
-1 set of consumables.
-1 instructions and detaching of pieces manual.

Electronic portioner:
The highly accurate electronic portioner consists of an electronic tachometer. Each revolution of the rotor fits a volume unit of product, so then, the accuracy of the portion is guaranteed, independently from other mechanical or hydraulic influences.

Models fitted with portioner can portion between 10 grams to 10 Kg. either as single portions or continuously, with variable time delay between each portion.

The machine can be connected to all types of clippers in the market. It also allows the advance of the clipping order, increasing the output.

Digital control board:
The control board consists of a reliable digital display system programmable for up to 10 programmes that enables the most inexperienced operator to change settings easily. The following parameters can be preset:
Working order.
Weight of the portion.
Pause between portions.
Outlet control: by number of portions and by kilos.
Adjustment of the first portion.
Automatic clipper advancement order.

Optional equipment:
Hopper of 90 litres and lifter (see lifters).

The twister it is incorporated directly tothe machine synchronised to the electronic portioning and can be used with all types of casing. The number of twists per link can be easily adjusted from 1 to 10 turns depending on the products weight, number of turns and diameter of the funnels. The supplied equipment of the twister includes two funnels to be chosen among the following diameters, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,17, 19, 21, 22, 25 and 28 mm.

Twister and Mechanical hand:
A mechanical hand can be fitted up to the twister. This device ensures that all links are filled out equally and uniformly despite the skill of the
operator: for loading new casings the head of the device simply swings off to one side.