Vacuum cutting and mixing machines for refining and mixing food pastes as:


-milk products
-bakery products
-melt cheese
as well as confectionery products as for example: cutting of almonds, preparation of pralines, etc…, with the standard machine or with the different optional devices.

Description of the standard machine
The machine is fitted with a six knives cap (three doubles) driven by a two-speed electric motor (1500/3000 r.p.m). There is an hydraulic wall scraper inside the tank that send the paste to the knives, providing a perfect cutting, with no pockets of uncut or unmixed product.

The machine is supplied with a tank and a cover double jacket which allows the heating and cooling of the paste, liquid ring vacuum pump and an accurate control over all operations (temperature, lack of water inside the tank,…) of the machine is provided by a driven control board.

Loading by means of a lifter for standard wagons of litres. The tank has a hydraulic upper gate with safety device that avoids the turning of knives when the gate is not perfectly closed.

The tank is unloaded directly through an hydraulic gate placed in its lower part. This gate is equipped with safety devices that avoid the opening of the gate if the collecting device (wagon, hopper,..) is not in the correct position. When unloading, the wall scraper turns in order to obtain a perfect dumping of the tank.

A front cover allows the access inside the tank in order to assemble/dismantle the paddles or the knives. So, all parts in contact with the paste are easily accessible for cleaning purposes.

The framework and all the components in contact with the product are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 throughout, meeting the CE requirements in hygiene and safety.

Optional equipment
-Speed variator.
-Cooking of the paste through direct injection steam.
-Addition of liquid spices or powders by automatic dosing devices.
-Accessing stair-platform to the hopper inlet (SCH-600 model).