Vertical packaging machines


X-BAG evo is the ideal solution for those who need to quickly pack small quantities of material (fresh food, small parts, spare parts, instruction manuals, small industrial components, etc.), in hermetically sealed packages of different sizes and with different types of films. X-BAG evo simplifies packaging operations: this is why it is a valid alternative […]

Multi-head scales

Multi-head scales with high performance and speed, suitable for weighing loose products such as pasta, rice, cereals, sweets, sweets and much more. TECHNICAL SPECS 220 V power supply Weight 380 Kg Weighing range: 10-1000 grams Program based on 3 levels (operator, maintainer and engineer) Maximum speed: 50-70 envelopes / min Accuracy ± 0.1-1.5 grams Baskets […]

DP 420_520_620

TECHNICAL SPECS OPTIONAL Power supply 220 V Available in 320, 420, 520 and 620 mm film width Towing system with vacuum for perfect adherence to the film Program based on 3 levels (operator,maintainer and engineer) Maximum speed: 100 bags / min Two Brushless Motors 10 “Touch Screen Control Panel AISI 304 stainless steel packaging machine […]