The pneumatic semi-automatic thermo-sealer TSS126 is equipped with the revolutionary OVERSKIN technology, which goes beyond traditional tray sealing. Thanks to this advanced technology, the TSS126 allows the packaging of specific products, such as thin cuts of meat or crustaceans, with large volumes of up to 40 mm protrusion. This machine provides unmatched technological efficiency and can be combined with a customizable recyclable cardboard packaging system, offering a powerful aesthetic impact for your products.

Technical Specifications of TSS126-OVERSKIN

Dimensions590 x 750 x 1640
Weight~ 190
Power Consumptionaround 3.5 kWh
Electric SupplyVolt 380V 3P+N+T 16A
Pneumatic feedingbar 6-8
Air consumptionNl/c 13
Gas Supplybar 3
Sealing Plate Dimensionsmm 420 x 280
Maximum Tray Heightmm 100 (Optional 150)
Maximum Film Sizemm ø250 x 470

Demonstration Video


The TSS126-OVERSKIN finds its utility in various application sectors, including the following:

  • MEAT: Packaging of all types of meat, including thin cuts and crustaceans.
  • FISH: Preservation and packaging of products from the fishing industry.
  • VEGETABLES: Packaging of fresh and cooked vegetables.
  • FRUITS: Sealing for dried and fresh fruits.
  • CHEESE: Sealing of fresh, aged, and creamy cheeses.
  • CATERING: Sealing of products related to the ready-to-eat food sector.
  • GASTRONOMY: Sealing of ready-to-eat meals.
  • PASTA: Packaging of fresh, stuffed, dried, and pre-cooked pasta.
  • OTHER: Packaging of various types of products.
  • LIQUIDS: Sealing for dense or liquid foods.

Whether it’s for food industries, gastronomy, catering, or other sectors, the TSS126-OVERSKIN offers versatile solutions for specific product packaging.

If you are looking for an efficient and versatile pneumatic semi-automatic thermo-sealer, the TSS126-OVERSKIN is the ideal choice. With OVERSKIN technology, it provides extended packaging possibilities to meet your specific needs. Its combination with a customizable recyclable cardboard packaging adds an aesthetic impact to the presentation of your products.