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The pneumatic semi-automatic thermo-sealer TSS126 is equipped with the revolutionary OVERSKIN technology, which goes beyond traditional tray sealing. Thanks to this advanced technology, the TSS126 allows the packaging of specific products, such as thin cuts of meat or crustaceans, with large volumes of up to 40 mm protrusion. This machine provides unmatched technological efficiency and […]

The TSS125-SKIN semi-automatic pneumatic thermosealing machine is a trolley-mounted machine designed to guarantee maximum flexibility. The sealing parameters can be customized, and it is possible to store up to 10 different programs. The sealing methods offered by this machine include Skin technology. This system gives your products a “second skin” which preserves their freshness, yielding […]

The TSS125-BG semi-automatic thermo-sealer is the result of J Pack’s investments in research and development. This innovative machine features a fully electric and patented handling system by J Pack, allowing it to perform Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) without the need for compressed air. With this unique feature, it offers greater flexibility and efficiency in sealing […]

The TSS125 Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Thermo-sealer is a versatile machine designed for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This cart-mounted machine offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing customization of sealing parameters to meet various requirements. Versatility and Customization The TSS125 can store up to 10 different programs, making it easy to switch between different packaging types effortlessly. […]