The TSS125-BG semi-automatic thermo-sealer is the result of J Pack’s investments in research and development. This innovative machine features a fully electric and patented handling system by J Pack, allowing it to perform Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) without the need for compressed air. With this unique feature, it offers greater flexibility and efficiency in sealing operations.

Technical Specifications:

Machine sizes and weightmm 595 x 980 h 1495 | 170 kg
Tray max sizesmm 420 x 280 h 100 opt. 150
Reel max width and diam.L=470 – Ø 250 mm
Tray loading and movementManual – Electric
Mould change
Mould change
Film automatic unwinding
Vacuum Pump25 mc/h Bush OIL
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Cycle-end acoustic device
Partial and tot. cycle counter
Customized digital sealing programmes10
Voltage – Absorbtion220 V – 2500 W min / 3500 W max

This semi-automatic thermo-sealer TSS125-BG offers a complete and high-performance solution for modified atmosphere sealing, optimizing product presentation and preservation for various food items. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it is an ideal choice for food industries, ensuring quality packaging and efficient production processes.

Application Sectors:

  • Meat: For packaging all types of meat.
  • Fish: For preserving and packaging products from the fishing industry.
  • Vegetables: For packaging fresh and cooked vegetables.
  • Fruits: For sealing dried and fresh fruits.
  • Cheese: For sealing fresh, matured, and creamy cheeses.
  • Meat: For packaging all types of meat.
  • Gourmet: For sealing ready-to-eat dishes.
  • Pasta: For packaging fresh, filled, dried, and pre-cooked pasta.
  • Other: For packaging various types of products.
  • Liquids: For sealing dense or liquid food items.

With its versatility and performance, the TSS125-BG caters to the needs of many sectors in the food industry, providing a reliable and efficient solution for packaging fresh and appetizing products.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or a personalized demonstration of the TSS125-BG. At J Pack, we are committed to providing quality packaging solutions to meet your specific needs.