Jaguar flow pack machine is one of Record’s most highly developed model. It is a technologically advanced, reliable packaging machine equipped with exclusive accessories, designed to be used in automatic high-production lines or for packaging in modified atmosphere (MAP).

One of Jaguar credits is its ability to keep product quality constant over time, ensuring continuity of production.


The “Top Seal” version with longitudinal sealing on the top part of the package is considered ideal for hard to transport products.


The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) model is recommended when packaging in a modified atmosphere is required. Elimination or drastic reduction of oxygen present in food packages considerably extends products shelf life.

Technical Features

■ High Performances for Medium Speed

■ Up to 130 Packs per Minute

■ Small and medium size product

■ Suitable for irregular products


Flowpack is suitable for irregular and difficult to transport products or in MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packaging:

Bakery, Bread and Pasta, Confectionery and Snacks, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Ice Cream and Frozen Food, Pizza and Tortillas, Produce, Pet Food, Non Food, Pharma and Chemical, Body Care, Customized Solution.