Scorpion flow pack machine is easy and intuitive to use and ideal for packaging solid food and non-food products up to a speed of 100 packages per minute.

The use of high quality mechanical and electronic materials ensures constant production efficiency over time and an excellent finished package results.


The “Top Seal” model with longitudinal sealing on the top part of the package is considered ideal for “hard to transport” products.

Technical Features

■ New Solution, New Performances

■ Up to 100 Packs per Minute

■ Medium and large size product

■ Ideal for products with variable length

■ Suitable for irregular products


Flowpack suitable for irregular products, not easy to transport and with variable length:

Bakery, Bread and Pasta, Confectionery and Snacks, Pizza and Tortillas, Produce, Pet Food, Non Food, Pharma and Chemical, Body Care, Customized Solution.


Scorpion, Scorpion Top Seal, Ensacheuse Horizontale Flow Pack (HFFS)