Lifting by means of a worm and a nut, both oversized.

Column lifters have become after the years the most safe and those that occupy less space.

The wagon is lifted and carried down vertically, horizontal and perfectly fixed, avoiding not only any retentions, tilting or displacements in arch but also any accidental overturning of the wagon forward or backwards caused by a bad distribution of the product.

The operation of the lifter is silent.

The electrical frame is placed in the upper part of lifter, isolated from humidity. All electric circuits and end of travels are placed inside the bench. The electric motor is protected against overcharges. Operation voltage is 24 V.

All the external parts of the lifter are made of stainless steel (18/8).

Those lifters can be fixed to the floor by means of a platform and anchor bolts (no work has to be done) or to a SIA machine through fixing arms, keeping the lifter raised from the floor for cleaning purposes.

Easy access to worm and guides through a door.