Tigre MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is the powerful flow pack to pack products in modified atmosphere and extend shelf life of perishable products.

The machine can be fitted with sealing head in the BM – Box Motion Head version in order to achieve improved sealing and better protected packaging.

The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) model is recommended when packaging in a modified atmosphere is required. The elimination or drastic reduction of the oxygen present in food packages considerably extends products shelf life.

Technical Features

■ The Powerful Flow pack for extended product life

■ Up to 100 Packs per Minute

■ Ideal for large size products

■ Ideal for sensitive film type difficult to seal

■ Modified Atmosphere


MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packagingcan be used a variety of applications and covers a wide range of products: Meat, Sausages, Bakery, Bread, Pasta, Pizza, Tortillas, Precooked foods, Dairy, Fish, Sea Food.