The TSM105-R manual electric heat sealer is the ideal solution for small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets, thanks to its compact size and quick mold change feature. It can be complemented with the patented J Pack modular INFINITY mold or custom molds. The large sealing surface allows for sealing large trays, up to ½ GN. With the innovative “Click-n-Pack” system, sealing has never been easier.

With the TSM105-R manual electric heat sealer, you have a reliable and efficient tool for packaging your food products. Its user-friendly operation, versatility, and quality sealing make it an ideal choice for small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets.

Technical features

Here are the technical specifications of the TSM105-R heat sealer:

  • Dimensions/Weight: 485 x 510 x 555 mm / 36 kg
  • Max Tray Dimensions: 370 x 280 x 155 mm
  • Max Width and Diameter of Roll: L= 380 mm – Ø 200 mm
  • Power Supply: Electric
  • Tray Loading and Movement: Manual + Electric
  • Mold: Infinity, fixed without cutting
  • Mold Change: Available
  • Customizable Mold: Available
  • Automatic Film Unwinding: Yes
  • Acoustic Device for Cycle End: Yes
  • Cycles per Minute: 3-8
  • Partial and Total Cycle Counter: Not available
  • Customizable Digital Sealing Programs: 5
  • Voltage – Power Consumption: 220 V – 1400 W

Application in Various Sectors

The TSM105-R heat sealer is versatile and can be used in different sectors of the food industry. Here are some of the application sectors:

  • Meat: Suitable for packaging all types of meat, ensuring freshness and preservation.
  • Fish: Ideal for the preservation and packaging of products from the fishing industry.
  • Vegetables: Designed for packaging fresh and cooked vegetables while preserving their quality.
  • Fruits: Enables sealing of both dried and fresh fruits, maintaining freshness and flavor.
  • Cheese: Ensures sealing of fresh, aged, and creamy cheeses, preserving their aroma and texture.
  • Institutions: Used for sealing products related to the ready-made meal sector for institutions.
  • Gastronomy: Ideal for sealing ready-to-eat dishes in the gastronomy field.
  • Pasta: Suitable for packaging various types of fresh, stuffed, dried, and pre-cooked pasta.
  • Other: Can be used for packaging various types of food products.