he TSS102-R is a semi-automatic electric heat sealer that offers a compact solution for small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets. With its compact size and quick mold change, it is ideal for businesses with limited packaging needs.

The machine can be complemented with the patented J Pack modular INFINITY mold or custom molds, providing great flexibility in usage. Additionally, it is also available with the gas option, optimizing the packaging process.

  • Dimensions/Weight: 295 mm x 450 mm x 550 mm / 25 kg
  • Max Tray Dimensions: 260 mm x 195 mm x 155 mm
  • Max Reel Width and Diameter: L= 210 mm – Ø 200 mm
  • Power Supply: Electric
  • Tray Loading and Movement: Manual + Electric
  • Mold: Infinity, fixed without cutting
  • Mold Change: Yes
  • Customizable Mold: Yes
  • Automatic Film Unwinding: Yes
  • Acoustic Device for Cycle End: Yes
  • Cycles per Minute: 3-8
  • Partial and Total Cycle Counter: Yes
  • Customizable Digital Sealing Programs: 9
  • Voltage – Consumption: 220 V – 750 W

The TSS102-R offers advanced functionalities for efficient and quality packaging. With its versatility and user-friendly design, it meets the specific needs of small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets.

To see the machine in action, you can watch this video:


  1. Meat: Packaging of all types of meat.
  2. Fish: Preservation and packaging of products from the fishing industry.
  3. Vegetables: Packaging of fresh and cooked vegetables.
  4. Fruits: Sealing for dried and fresh fruits.
  5. Cheese: Sealing of fresh, aged, and creamy cheeses.
  6. Catering: Packaging of products related to the ready-to-eat food sector.
  7. Gastronomy: Sealing of ready-to-eat dishes.
  8. Pasta: Packaging of fresh, filled, dried, and pre-cooked pasta.
  9. Other: Packaging of different product types.
  10. Liquids: Sealing for dense or liquid foods.

Each application sector has specific packaging requirements, and the TSS102-R can adapt to different needs with its modularity and versatility.

In conclusion, the TSS102-R is a compact semi-automatic electric heat sealer that offers advanced features for packaging in various application sectors. With its user-friendly design and flexibility, it provides an efficient solution for small businesses in the gastronomy sector and supermarkets.