The TSS112 pneumatic table thermo-sealer with contour cutting combines compact dimensions with a large sealing surface, making it possible to seal large-sized trays up to ½ GN. The end result is a sealed tray with a perfect aesthetic finish, ideal for supermarket shelves. The optional gas flushing feature helps maintain the freshness of the product.

For a demonstration of the TSS112, watch the following video:

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions/Weight: 560mm x 580mm x 510mm / 65 kg
  • Max Tray Dimensions: 420mm x 280mm x 175mm
  • Max Width and Diameter of Reel: L=450mm – Ø 250mm
  • Power Supply: Pneumatic
  • Tray Loading and Movement: Pneumatic + Manual
  • Mold: Fixed without cutting, Fixed with cutting
  • Mold Change: Available
  • Customizable Mold: Available
  • Automatic Film Unwinding: Available
  • Acoustic Device for End of Cycle: Available
  • Cycles per Minute: 3-8
  • Partial and Total Cycle Counter: Available
  • Customizable Digital Sealing Programs: 9
  • Voltage – Absorption: 220V min 1500W max 2500W


The TSS112 thermo-sealer is suitable for various sectors and applications. Here are some examples:

  • Fish: Ideal for preserving and packaging products from the fishing industry, including fish, seafood, and other related items.
  • Vegetables: Suitable for packaging fresh and cooked vegetables, ensuring their shelf life.
  • Fruits: Allows sealing both dried and fresh fruits, keeping them fresh and protected.
  • Cheese: Provides an excellent solution for sealing fresh, aged, and creamy cheeses, preserving their flavor and quality.
  • Catering: An excellent choice for sealing prepared meals, ensuring food safety and preserving flavors.
  • Pasta: Offers efficient packaging solutions for various types of pasta, including fresh, stuffed, dried, and precooked pasta.
  • Other Applications: Versatile and can be used for packaging different types of products, offering flexibility for various industries.
  • Liquids: Designed to seal dense or liquid foods, making it suitable for packaging liquids with ease.