Production Masque N95

Our experience in industrial automation has prompted us to produce an innovative machine for the production of DPI devices.

The idea:

The project was born from the production line for FFP2 / FFP3 masks due to the needs of our customers, of a machine that combines simplicity of use and reliability. We decided to accept the challenge because driven by the desire to create an innovative product that helps solve the production problem of masks in Canada. The request for protective masks has undergone a sudden and uncontrolled peak due to the COVID-19 emergency, therefore we think that the solution to current and future questions is to encourage Canadian production by offering the appropriate technology to deal with an intense production process.

The numbers of requests for masks are destined to grow even after the emergency, the virus will radically change the uses of the population and will be a warning for Canadian health that will have to adapt to providing more and more PPE to its health workers.

The requests for a full-blown epidemic speak of an average monthly requirement, for the Italian population, of 90 million pieces, while only for the Lombard health sector, a daily consumption of 1.1 million masks is estimated, numbers that should make us reflect.

3000 masks / h

Plant productivity:

48000 masks / day

Estimated daily productivity over two shifts:

Plant features:


  • Machine control and management via PLC + 7 “HMI Touch Screen panel.
  • Approximate plant dimensions: L x W x H: 10 000 x1500 x2100 mm.
  • Ultrasonic system welders – Ultrasonic power: 1500 Kw.
  • Axis management by Schneider brushless servomotor.
  • Safety guard, with stop systems in case of opening.
  • sets of rotating devices for welding ear bands.
  • Automatic piece counting function.
  • System compliant with CE regulations.
  • Electric

Electrical system requests:

  • Electrical voltage: AC 380 V 50 Hz.
  • Effective power: about 7Kw.
  • Electrical consumption: about 30 A.
  • Filter management and insertion system for FFP3.
  • Sick vision system for production quality control.
  • Remote assistance module via WiFi or Lan cable.