The TMW150 allows deep frozen foods to be tempered or defrosted (butter) quickly. It is adapted for products like meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, butter, etc…

TMW 150

The distinctive feature of the TMW 150 is the use of the microwave technology to achieve the best tempering homogeneity while maintaining a good microwave efficiency.

The large size of the cavity, the length under microwaves and the crossed coupling of microwaves above and below the blocks are a few examples of the solutions used to conciliate capacity, efficiency and homogeneity.

Possibility to choose the direction of operation and to install the generator on a platform.


Profitable: save money by avoiding drip losses
Fast: very short time of treatment, between 5 to 15 minutes
User friendly: easy loading / unloading, colour touch screen HMI 12”
Homogeneous: excellent temperature homogeneity thanks to multiple microwave inlets (above and below) • Reliable: no need for regular maintenance, except daily cleaning
Hygienic: no bacteriological growth, complies with all hygiene regulations and standards, keeps the organoleptic qualities
Flexible: can be used for tempering packed (cardboard, plastic film …) or unpacked food
Connected: USB and ethernet connection for remote control


The TMW150 offers a tempering capacity between 4 t/h and 6 t/h from – 18 °C to a final temperature of – 4 °C / – 2 °C in 95% of the block, which is the optimum temperature for processing: dicing, grinding, cutting, slicing… The capacity is calculated to temper frozen blocks with standard dimensions 600 mm x 400 m x 200 mm and a weight of about 20 / 25 kg. If fatty products are to be processed, fat ought to be very homogeneously distributed in the block, otherwise the limit temperature for homogeneity is – 4 °C.

The tempering capacity is variable and depends on the final required temperature and on the product (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, butter, etc. Figures below show these variations.

The data in the charts are calculated for the TMW150 operating at 120 kW power, with ton/toff1 optimum at 95 %, for blocks with regular size and weight 25 kg (600 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm) and for a starting temperature around -20 °C/-18 °C.

The maximum microwave power which can be used in processing is limited by the products and not the tunnel. Recipes power vs. time must be chosen according to the compromise between capacity and homogeneity of heating.


Example: Chicken ≃ 7.2 t/h from -18 °C to -5 °C or ≃ 4.6 t/h from -18 °C to -3 °C. Example: Fatty pork ≃ 8.4 t/h from -18 °C to -5 °C or ≃ 6 t/h from -18 °C to -3 °C. It has to be noted that a starting temperature at -20 °C or -18 °C has almost no effect on the tunnel capacity if temperature is homogeneous in the whole product.


Examples: butter (7.2 t/h at -3°C) or beef 60 % lean (4.6 t/h at -3°C) for the same final temperature. Tempering/thawing capacity is highly variable according to the product.


Example: capacity ≃ 4.8 t/h for beef 60 % lean, or ≃ 3.4 t/h for beef 100 % lean from -18 °C to -3 °C


Capacity is highly variable if final temperature is -7 °C or -3 °C, or if meat is lean beef or fat pork. Such variations are linked to physical laws such as for example, latent heat of fusion. Capacity varies according to the processed product (lean beef, pork…), its fat content and the final required temperature.

All the above charts are calculated for a TMW150 operating under following conditions:
• Power of microwave generator at 120 kW
• Ton/Toff at 95 %
• Blocks or products with regular mass and shape
• Blocks or products regularly placed on the belt
• Starting temperature between -20 °C and -18 °C homogeneous in all the blocks or products


ReferenceTMW150TMW150 Butter
ConstructionCavity: 304 L stainless steel, chain conveyor belt in polyethylene, microwave door with ¼ choke, microwave inlet above and below, automatic loading and unloading.
Two microwave generators: cabinet is IP55 and equipped with a single 75 kW magnetron, electronic system and boards without any adjustment to make maintenance easier, high reliability.
Tempering capacityDepends on final temperature, product, fat content
Conveyor beltFlat top Intralox principle, width 900 mm, operating height 1080 mm

Adjustable belt speed. Left to right or right to Left configurations
Max. size of blocks600 x 400 x 210 mm

30 kg maximum per block

Optional maximum height 260 mm
400 x 300 x 250 mm

20 to 25 kg maximum per standard block

Maximum height 300 mm
Length of the inlet and outlet choke2 m4 m
Microwave frequency915 MHz Other frequencies available according to regulation of each country
Microwave power150 kW maximum, adjustable from 20 kW to 150 kW
HMI Human Machine Interface12” touch screen, multi-lingual, remote control, control of microwave power and belt speed, 50 programmable recipes, tunnel status, faults status, etc… Microwave start, emergency stop, etc.
Specific safetyMicrowave leak detector

Smoke sensor: detects a fire, stops microwaves, inject water via nozzles
Voltage & consumption400 V, 3-phase + earth (no neutral), 50/60 Hz, 203 kVA at full power
Ramp functionIncrease and decrease the power depending on the product’s progress in the tunnel.
Cooling water Microwave generators: Min. 100 L/min with differential pressure min. 3.5 bar, inlet water temperature 18 °C to 22 °C, power to dissipate 30 kW; ES 1.5″ gas female
Microwave tunnel : min. 6 L/min, max. pressure 1.5 bar
Optional : air/water chiller or water/water chiller
Belt washing (option)Washing/drying system of belts located near the exit of the tunnel with addition of cleaning product (not provided)
7 water jet nozzles on the top and 7 water jet nozzles on the bottom
7 drying nozzles on the top and 7 drying nozzles on the bottom
Maximum water temperature 70 °C
EC standardsDirective: 2006/42/EC, 2014/35/EU, 2013/35/EU
Standards: EN 55011, IEC 60519-6:2011, IEC 60204-1
Dimensions (L x H x P)12181 x 2225 x 3186 mm15111 x 2341 x 3446 mm
Weight6 000 kg6 100 kg