Vertical piston positioning facilitates the product suction ensuring its integrity and total accuracy and consistency in portioning. A compact, open design makes the unit very easy to operate and clean.

Designed for medium- to large-scale volumetric filling of a variety of products including hot or cold, liquid to paste-like and with or without particles, such as

  • Sauces and spreads
  • Jams and compotes
  • Mustards and mayonnaises
  • Pâtés and meat, poultry or fish-based spreads/appetizers
  • Purees, mashed potatoes and shepherd’s pie
  • lotions
  • Servo-driven piston and filling head
  • 1 to 8 filling heads
  • Usable portion volume up to 1,400 cc per head
  • Up to 120 cycles per minute, depending on the product and portion
  • Touch-screen controls
  • Up to 100 storable product codes
  • Two-hand controls for safe piston release
  • Quick, easy breakdown without tools for changeovers and cleanups
  • Configurable for specific applications
  • Various types of dribble cutoff devices
  • Double-jacketed hopper to maintain product temperature
  • Feedscrew or agitator
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Bottom-to-top fill
  • Tooling holder plate