Hachoir Sia PIC 160

Angular and automatic mincer, outlet diameter 160 mm.

Automatic mincing system, fitted with two spindles. One spindle is for feeding meat. The second spindle is for feeding the cutting plates. There are different versions of this second spindle available depending on the product to be minced (fresh meat, frozen meat, fats, vegetables, etc..).

The framework and all the components in contact with the product are manufactured in stainless steel throughout, meeting all the applicable requirements.

The power of the motor is up to 43 HP and is subjected to the type of the product: 1500 r.p.m. speed for fresh meat, 750/1500 r.p.m. for frozen and fresh meat.

The machine is fitted with a gear case of high performance. Inside of it there are a set of gears driven by a set of shafts and pulleys with trapezoidal belts.

The cutting plates feeding spindle, which is the shortest of all the mincers in the market, obtains a perfect mince without any overworking or bruising of the product.

The standard version of the machine is supplied with a descending platform to accede to the hopper and a tilting protection of the outlet mouth, including safety devices.

The machine is fitted with knives, plates and separators for an outlet mouth of 160 mm of diameter. These parts are fixed by a nut-nut lock system, easy to dismantle for cleaning purposes.

The machine is supplied with electric control board, 3 plates, 3 separators and 3 knives.